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Oct 27th
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Ethiopian Mass Murder in Miirdanbas, Qoriile

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Ridwan Sahid Hassan survived mass murder that took place in the city of Qoriile on July 24th, 2007.Reports that have reached the Ogaden Online service desk from Doolo province confirm recent mass murder carried out by the Ethiopian military deployed in the area. According to eyewitnesses the mass murder took place in the Village of Miirdanbas near Qoriile town on Sept 6, 2012.

Those reportedly killed in the murderous reign of the Ethiopian military at Miirdanbas are reported to include women, children, and the men of advancing age. Eyewitnesses in the village indicated that the Ethiopian military convened a gathering for all the city dwellers in the city center.

Military personnel were said to have forced people from their homes and business centers in order for them to forcefully attend the gathering. When civilians gathered for the meeting called by the Ethiopian military, the Ethiopians read names from a list.  These military personnel said that they were looking for the names they read out and they took away those whose names were in the list from the gathering.

After those in the list were rounded up, the Ethiopian military started to rampage the village. They are reported to have started shooting all direction indiscriminately. Also eyewitnesses add that the Ethiopians on the rampage tortured some of those they have encountered during their rampages in the city.

The bodies of many of the civilians who were rounded up by the Ethiopian military personnel in the area have been found in the outskirts of the city showing severe signs of tortured. Some of the deceased were hanged from trees.

So far our reporters in the area were able to compile an initial list of the deceased, wounded and kidnapped civilians. Their names include:


  1. Faarax Yuusuf Khaliif (Nick named Faarax-Dhoonbe)
  2. Faysal Irshaad Awlaad (Former Danood prisoner and the husband of Saynaba Abshir)
  3. Mawliid Xasan Cabdi
  4. C/raxmaan Guuleed Cali (Nick named Cagagaab)
  5. Mrs Faadumo Guuleed Cali ( Former Danood prisoner)
  6. Mrs Khadar Axmed Guuleed and her daughter
  7. Gadh-yar (6-7 months old)
  8. Mrs Saynab Abshir Aw-Cali (Former Danood prisoner)
  9. Mrs Ugaaso Macalin Cumar
  10. Mrs Iido Sh Cabdi Cismaan (Former Danood prisonerl)
  11. Mrs Ayaan Cabdi Xiis
  12. Mrs Farax Cali Goox
  13. Mrs Sureer Cabdiqaate


  1. Mrs Caasha Jannagale (Former Danood prisonerl)


  1. BishaarCumar Jabane
  2. Malkaaw cali dhuux
  3. Ilmaabshir awcali dhuux
  4. BisshaarCumar Jabane
  5. FaadumoRaage
  6. MaxamuudAbdi Goosay

It was on July 24th, 2007 when Ethiopian Army hanged to death dozens of civilians in Qoriile town.  Only one young girl miraculously survived the mass murder carried out by the Ethiopian military on that day. The rope used to hang this young girl is said to have broken off and the Ethiopians left the girl for dead.

This young girl who still had the rope in her neck is reported to have been found by the city dwellers that have gone to the outskirts of the city in order to see if anyone was left dead or alive by the Ethiopian military after they have vacated the area. That little girl’s name is Ridwan Hassan (see the above picture)

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